Sunday, 2 December 2012

The Magnificent Cougar

Did you know that mountain lions eat porcupine in addition to deer, skunk, badger, rabbits and many other animals?

Cougars are mostly solitary animals, except when mothers are raising cubs and when males and females are mating.
Solitary does not mean that cougars do not have a social structure--quite the contrary. Cougars live in low-densities on the land--a single cougar requires from a minimum of 10 to 100 square miles to breed, raise young, and hunt. Both males and females are highly territorial and maintain and defend their chosen home ranges from other cougars. They advertise their availability for breeding through a system of feline communication which includes scent marking with scrapes (in tree bark or troughs in the dirt usually made with hind paws which are then often urinated or defecated on) and vocalizations. Females can be tolerant of slight overlaps in their territories with other females. However, males will defend their home ranges against transgressions by other males.

We here at CeeCee Native Crafts believe that cougars should be protected. Join us in the battle for understanding and protection for these magnificent cats at
The Cougar Fund

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